Friday, June 22, 2012

A Barefoot Dream

This film base upon a true story, Kim Won-kang (Park Hie-soon) is a former soccer prospect whose life did not turn out quite as he had hoped. He heads to East Timor, where he thinks there will be plenty of opportunities for him. One day, he sees a group of street kids playing ball with bare feet. Thinking he can score by selling soccer shoes, he opens a sports equipment store, but realizes none of the kids can afford those fancy shoes or jerseys. Again, despaired, he is about to close up the store. Then, he decides to teach the kids how to play ball. Penniless and still without shoes, they decide to compete at the International Youth Soccer Championship in Japan.

Aku baru beli dvd cerita ini walaupun release tahun 2010.  Nak review panjang-panjang pun aku tak tahu nak komen apa.  Tapi yang pasti pelakonnya tak nampak berlakon dan takde nak bermake up beriya macam drama melayu, potong bawang kat dapur pun bukan main pakai bedak.  Lagi satu yang penting pada aku, cakap serupa mulut.  Jenis odio on location takde macam kebanyakan filem melayu, rekod suara kemudian.  Sudahnya, cakap tak serupa mulut. Lip sync lari. Bangang.

Selain A Barefoot Dream, aku beli dvd Bunohan.  Tak pandai aku nak komen.  Masa tengok, takde rasa nak bangun kencing ke televisyen maknanya ok la tu.  Masih ada sinar untuk filem Melayu.  "Aku Masih Dara" tajuk filem paling keji untuk alaf ini!!! Babi!!!  


Lip synclip-synclip-synch (short for lip synchronization) is a technical term for matching lip movements with sung or spoken vocals. The term can refer to any of a number of different techniques and processes, in the context of live performances and recordings.
 In film production, lip synching is often part of the post-production phase.

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